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Vedic Sanskar Services


Vedic Samaj NJ has a highly qualified ordained and certified priests who conduct all Vedic sanskars.

Dr. Jitender Sethi and Prof. Nandita Goel have performed numerous Weddings, Mundan Sanskars, Greh Pravesh, Birthdays and Anniversary havan prayer services. In addition our priest has also performed funeral services.

These funds help us for the operation of Vedic Samaj NJ. 

For Community services, please call Dr. Jitender Sethi @ 732-412-7576 email: OR Prof. Nandita Goel @ 908-262-2541 email:

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Children Hindu Heritage Program

Program is structured to expose children to the Hindu Culture, Festivals, Vedic Values and learning of Hindi Language.

Youth Program - Vedic Samaj Youth (VSY)

Vedic Samaj Youth Program creates awareness for the importance of giving back to the community and provides a platform for young leaders to give back to the community. 

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